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Impromptu Games                          95
The hostess prepares in advance as many slips of paper as there are guests expected, writing upon each the name of some well-known character in history or fiction.
Upon the arrival of her friends, following her greeting of them, she pins one of the bits of paper upon the shoulder or back of each. The wearer does not know what character he or she is supposed to represent, but is expected to guess it from the remarks of the rest, who are careful not to reveal the name.
For example: "The Queen of Hearts" may be com­plimented upon her housewifely talents and her delicious pastry, and be earnestly asked whether her dishonest servant had reformed as he promised.
"Little Red Riding-Hood" may be condoled with on the tragic death of her grandmother, and warned of the danger of making chance acquaintances on the road; "Henry VIIL," rallied on his fondness for the sex; "Lady Macbeth," ostentatiously shunned on account of her "shady past"; "Goliath," advised to "pitch into a man of his size and not bully a little fellow"; and when a pretty girl once asked "Columbus" archly whether he thought that "we were worth discovering," the answer was a foregone conclusion.
One person leaves the room and the rest decide upon some proverb which he is to guess.
The words are appointed among the players, one word to each in succession. If there are more players than words in the proverb selected, two or more may say the same word.
At the reappearance of the banished person, all shout at once in a loud voice the words which have been given
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