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Impromptu Games
both." "Are you man or woman?" "Neither; but I partake of the nature of woman." "Are you living or dead?" "I never lived nor died," etc., etc.
When by these investigations the questioner has secured three or four letters of the main word, he can usually make a pretty good guess at the name selected by the company, and the person who has given him the best clue or has confirmed his dawning suspicion of the truth must at his instigation take the place as questioner.
In selecting a character about which one will be individually questioned, it goes without saying that a reasonable amount of information in regard to him or her is a desirable qualification for its choice. The selection may be adapted to literary or artistic tastes by confining the choice of characters to authors or artists.
From a box of anagram cardboard letters twenty are dealt to each player, which are turned face downward on the table before him.
Beginning at the left of the dealer, the first player turns up a letter so that all can see it and calls for a quotation from some standard poet, or an epigrammatic saying from some well-known author, beginning with the letter turned. As soon as the letter is exposed, the per­son appointed to be timekeeper either slowly counts thirty aloud or keeps his eyes on his watch, calling out "Time" when the half-minute has elapsed. If in that interval no one has answered, the drawer of the letter may then give a quotation himself and retain the letter —or, if all fail to respond, it is laid aside to be given to the one who next wins a letter.
If some one makes a quotation that is unfamiliar to all
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