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98 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
present, he may be challenged to give the author. If unable to do this, the letter is thrown out.
The same quotation may not be given twice.
When X or Z is turned it may be added to the win­nings of the player who drew it, without requiring him to give a quotation. The present generation is not so well versed in poetry as the preceding one; hence this is one of the games in which the elders may find entertainment.
There are few merrier games than this, and no self-respecting book of games would omit it, lest any reader should happen not to know it and so miss the fine flavour of its fun.
"Up Jenkins" is most enjoyable when played by eight or more people, and its only requirement is a silver quarter.
The company seats itself at a table, the opponents facing each other. All the hands of the side which has the coin are held under the table until the person acting as captain of the opposite side gives the order "Up Jenkins!" when all hands tightly closed are held up high above the table. At the captain's order, "Down Jenkins," all hands are brought down simultaneously on the table palms downward, as much noise as possible being made so as to drown the clink of the coin. Care must be taken to obey only the command "up" or "down Jenkins"—nothing else—and to obey no one but the person acting then as captain (each person takes that position in turn), otherwise the coin has to be for­feited to the other side.
The captain looks at the hands before him and orders
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