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Impromptu Games                          99
each hand in turn off the table that he has decided has not got the coin under it.
If the coin is discovered to be in the hand last ordered off the table, the coin goes to the side of the captain who guessed correctly, but if he guesses incorrectly, and the coin is under one of the hands that he has ordered off, the side holding the piece of money keeps it again, adding to its score the number of hands still remaining on the table that were not ordered off.
A time-limit is the only way to end this game.
This is a memory-exercise. The leader begins by repeating the first sentence, which is said by each player in turn. The leader in every case adds the new line, copied by the other players in succession. Any one mak­ing a mistake or omission drops out of the contest. As the ranks grow thinner, the players are required to repeat the sentences more rapidly, and no time for hesitation allowed. The one who makes no mistakes is entitled to a prize.
The sentences are as follows:
1.  One old ox opening oysters.
2.  Two toads teetotally trying to trot to Trixburg.
3.  Three tony tigers taking tea.
4.  Four fishermen fishing for frogs.
5.  Five fantastic Frenchmen fanning five fainting females.
6.  Six slippery snakes sliding slowly southward.
7.  Seven Severn salmon swallowing several shrimps.
8.  Eight egotistical Englishmen eating enormously.
9.  Nine nautical Norwegians nearing neighbouring Norway.
10. Ten tiny, toddling tots trying to train their tongues to trill.
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