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Miscellaneous Games
T HIS is the Japanese equivalent for our game of checkers, and, while it seems simple at first, requires considerable skill to become the winner. All who try it admit it to be interesting.
The game is played on a board ruled into 256 squares, each alternate square being coloured, using twenty-four coloured disks. Each player has a different colour. Two, three, or four persons may play.
As it is difficult to find the requirements for the game at the shops, they may easily be achieved by home talent and ingenuity. The board may be made in imitation of a checker-board, or of the kind used for the game of "Helma," cut out of pasteboard or heavy cardboard. The coloured disks may be bone buttons— that come in various shades—or they may be cut from Bristol-board, using a thimble or penny for a pattern.
The game is played as follows:
Each player, in turn, lays a disk on a square. The order is repeated until each player has five pieces upon the board. The aim is to make a row of five counters in a line, either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the board—which plan the opponents, of course, try to frustrate and oppose. If none of the players succeeds
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