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Miscellaneous Games                      101
in making a row of five, other disks are laid down and the game continues. If no row of five appears until all the disks are on the board, then the pieces are moved in turn, in any direction, but one square at a time, until one succeeds in making the line of five. It is as much the object to prevent one's opponents from making a line as to form one's own.
Another way of playing the game, where there are but two contestants, is to give to each fifty pieces. With these, each player tries to place the counters of his opponent in such a position as to be unable to move. When one is successful in entirely surrounding a piece, that piece is forfeited and is taken off the board. The one who keeps his men longest on the board wins the game.
A sheet, suspended from the rod on which portieres are hung between two rooms, should be stretched tightly and made smooth by tacking to the floor and to the sides of the opening. It should be made uniformly wet with a large paint-brush or a sponge. The room where the audience is seated is left in total darkness; that on the other side of the curtain, occupied by the actors, is lighted by a lamp placed on a table two feet in the rear of the sheet. The actors, disguised with masks, wigs, false moustaches, etc., then walk or stand between the light and the sheet so as to throw their shadows on the latter, while the audience shout their guesses as to whose shadow is seen, or write them on the cards previously provided. Only persons and things seen in profile are seen effectively.
In the effort to mystify the spectators the tall players seem short, the short stand upon stools to increase their
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