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io2 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
height, the men wear women's clothes, and the gentlest of her sex will assume the airs of a bravado. False noses and chins, or at least supplementary ones, may be made out of beeswax, which adheres closely to the face and may be easily removed. A Punch and Judy fight, not forgetting the baby, may be depicted in shadow; and the rhymes and stories of Mother Goose are the simplest of problems for representation. Little Jack Horner, wearing a big collar and pinafore and holding a mince pie from which he takes the traditional plum to transfer it to his mouth; Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son, with a pig under his arm, cut out of pasteboard, may run across the illuminated field; or Simple Simon may be seen fishing in a pail of water, according to the legendary account of his vast simplicity.
One of the most effective exhibitions of shadow art was given illustrating the story of the "Tall Young Oysterman" and his emulation of Leander's swimming feat. It lends itself easily to the various scenes of the thrilling tale, the interest of which is furthermore en­hanced if some one sings a verse of the song in explana­tion of the successive scenes.
Upon arrival, the guests were given cards, with small coloured pencils attached by narrow ribbons of the same shade, upon which cards were numbered lines.
It was explained that they were to note upon these lines their guesses as to what they supposed the different articles about the room represented—each object having some musical significance.
Their attention thus drawn to the peculiar furnishings of tables, book-case, mantels, etc., they set to work with interest to read the riddle, hunting in couples of
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