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Miscellaneous Games
alone, and writing their guesses with great eagerness and merry rivalry.
The articles scattered about the room were:
1.  A quire of paper.
2.  Three little dolls dressed alike and looking alike.
3.  A carpenter's brace.
4.  A watch.
5.  A razor.
6.  The chin-rest from a violin.
7.  A card on which was written XL.
8.  A name written on a sheet of paper.
9.  A pair of apothecary's scales.
10.  The base taken from a table-bell.
11.  A peck measure containing two beets.
12.  A heavy string.
13.  A flatiron with the letter B on its face.
14.  A cardboard letter C hung from the gas-fixture.
15.  A lump of tar.
16.  A pipestem.
17.  A large half-tone engraving.
18.  A bank note.
19.  A baby's shoe with an O on the sole.
20.  A stout cane.
21.  A love-letter which starts out bravely, but has a large blot half-way down the page.
22.  A necktie.
23.  A bar of iron.
24.  A door-key.
25.  A pocket rule or tape-measure.
26.  A twenty-five-cent piece with a black court* plaster dot pasted on it.
27.  A small bunch of flowers and a lock of hair tied with a ribbon.
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