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Miscellaneous Games                      107
letter, placing it right side up so that all may see it, and tries to form a word of not less than four letters with this letter added to those collected in the middle of the table—the pool—where all are placed that cannot be used. He may continue to draw new letters as long as he can continue to make use of them, according to the rules of the game. Each player tries to use his letter to take away his opponent's word; if by its addition he can form a new and different word, he then transfers it to his own side. No derivatives, no proper names or words not found in standard dictionaries are allowed; nor is the addition of s to form plurals to three-letter words admitted. A player may also use his letter to reinforce and protect his own words, which is only second in importance to the taking of his adversary's word and to making a new one to add to his store.
Ten words constitute a game, but any player who first makes nine words, though allowed to continue making four-letter words, cannot go out until he makes one of five letters. The signal that one cannot use the letter is given by laying it upon the table. When once left, it cannot be recalled—should an opportunity to use it be perceived. If a player overlooks a chance to change an opponent's word, the one who sees the omission takes advantage of it, and gives a forfeit to the one who failed to profit by the opportunity. The letters turned face-down will answer forfeits. When there are four letters of one kind in the pool, the one drawing a fifth may set it aside and draw another.
The winning of the game may sometimes depend on the luck of drawing the desired letters, but the forfeits implying mistakes are undoubted evidences of the player's lack of skill. The rule may be varied when but two are playing; the one incurring a forfeit may
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