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Games Requiring Preparation
A CONTEST which never fails to amuse is one in which the gentlemen of the party sew buttons on a piece of cloth and the ladies drive tacks in a plank. Two contestants start at once, and a time­keeper, watch in hand, allows ten minutes in which to prove who of the ladies has driven the greatest number of tacks in straight, and which of the gentlemen has sewed on the most buttons in a way that he would himself approve if on his own apparel. Bruised and pricked fingers carry their own penalty.
The ladies and gentlemen take turns alternately, and a prize is awarded to the victor on each side.
There is another form of such a contest in which the ladies whittle the nearest approach to a boat that they can manage and the gentlemen trim hats. For the latter, hat-frames, bright - coloured tissue paper, pins, ribbons, and flowers may be provided. The ladies who have not won prizes may be condemned to wear the hats for the rest of the evening—each man selecting the victim that shall flaunt the result of his unskillful effort.
One lady acts as secretary and three as judges, the former giving out the materials, while impartiality of verdict is secured by each competitor's drawing a
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