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Games Requiring Preparation               111
number which he affixes to his work, his name not being announced until the judges have given their decisions. The specimens then are handed round for general inspection, with the buttons on upside down, as they are often put, and the holes not invariably fashioned in a manner to meet the approval of the inspectors of needle­work to the education department. There is a work­manlike solidity about the tasks of some of the men who have learned the primitive lessons of self-helpfulness, but even the unfortunate ones who do not win are not wholly to be pitied. It is certain there will be some kindly young lady who will think a man's helplessness deserves her sympathy, and the movement of deft white fingers as she shows him afterwards how he ought to have done it is no hindrance whatever to flirtation.
This contest is especially adapted to a Leap-Year party where dancing is not the feature of the occasion.
A game or diversion that will occupy and amuse a little company during the greater part of the evening has a distinct advantage over the shorter ones, in that it avoids breaks and interruptions of interest, gives an impression of unity and completeness, and makes the award of the prizes a more effective climax.
The Game of the Senses may be elaborated to offer an evening's entertainment to a dozen or more, if the hostess is willing to take a little trouble beforehand in making preparations. When the guests are assembled, each one is given a tiny booklet of a few pages, held together by a narrow ribbon passed through a hole in the top, one end of which is left long, and to this is attached a small pencil. On the outside of the cover
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