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112 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
may be printed the quotation, "The senses do not de­ceive us, but the judgment does."—Goethe.
At the top of the first page the word SIGHT is printed in capitals; and below it, "The keenest of all our senses is the sense of sight."—Cicero.
Below this are a number of lines, one for each article to be guessed. The company gather around or near a table upon which the hostess throws a number of things from a large box: books, paper, sewing materials, bits of ribbon, toilet articles, desk furnishings. Every­thing being on the table, the players are to look carefully at them while the hostess counts twenty-five, whereupon she sweeps all out of sight, and then requests each person to write a list of what he has seen in the little book, as a test of sight.
At the head of the next page of the booklet is the word SMELL, followed by:
"When I want hard work done I always choose a man, who is suitable otherwise, with a long nose."— Napoleon.
The hostess hands to the person nearest her a small vial of blue glass with the number i marked on the cork. He removes the cork and smells it, and, passing it to his neighbour, writes down what he judges the bottle to contain. The hostess then passes him number 2, and then follows it with all her collection, until each has passed from hand to hand around the circle and their contents have been noted.
The vials should contain familiar scents, like co­logne, bay rum, camphor, alcohol, tea, kerosene, lemon, turpentine, vanilla, sherry, ammonia, ink, lavender, orange juice, vinegar, coffee. If desired, the hostess may request all to close their eyes while she holds under each nose in turn flowers of several kinds,
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