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114 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
must be passed from hand to hand very quickly, so as to give no time for examination: a raw potato, one stuck full of wooden toothpicks porcupine-wise, a powder-puff, a bit of ice, a wet sponge, a handful of gelatine, or a flower, a toy spider, a kid glove filled with moist sand. These, taken into the hand without any premonition of their character, produce very un≠canny sensations, and, following in quick succession, are puzzling to name. It is usually the occasion of some excitement, and makes a merry ending to the game, always to be desired, as it leaves in people's minds an impression of having had a pleasant time.
A single prize may be awarded to the one whose lists are longest and most correct, or a variety of trifling ones may be divided among those whose senses best stood the various tests, not forgetting booby prizes to those who failed, since they are usually mirth-provoking.
Any object the enjoyment of which depends upon the sightóbook, picture, photograph frame, sym-metroscope, or ornamentómay be given to the one who best used his eyes. The booby should have a huge pair of burlesque spectacles, or lorgnon made of oiled paper and wire, a pen-wiper in the shape of a bató proverbial for its blindness, or an owl, pictured, stuffed, made of wood, or otherwise represented.
For the one whose olfactories were the most sensitive, a bunch of violets or a bouquet of flowers, a pretty sachet, a salts-bottle, a vinaigrette, a bottle of cologne or a pine-balsam pillow may be given.
A baby doll with an onion in lieu of a head was once given as a booby prize. Also a bottle of assafcetida and one of sulphur tricked out with crepe-paper petticoats.
A small silver bell, a sheet of music, a pretty shell that "sings of the sea," or a tiny musical box would
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