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Games Requiring Preparation               115
not be inappropriate for the one whose hearing was the keenest; while a fish-horn, whose sound would penetrate the dullest ears, or an imitation ear-trumpet (made by a tin-man) would suit the unfortunate booby.
Of course a box of bonbons or fruit of rare quality is the proper award for the one of most accurate taste; while a duplicate box might contain the less toothsome morsels known as April-fool candy, chocolate creams containing cotton-wool, pastilles liberally flavoured with red pepper, etc.
An atomiser, Japanese hand-stove, a sofa-pillow or a fan will gratify the one whose perception of feeling is sensitive; while to the one whose sense of touch has been proved to be the least accurate a boxing-glove, which amateur talent may easily improvise, or an Irish shillalah, may be suggested.
This game requires in advance of the guests' arrival a little preparation, which contributes to the fun for the hostess if she be a person that enjoys wearing her "thinking-cap."
The rooms in which she is to receive her friends should be arranged with the chairs in two rows through the cen­tre, an aisle between to resemble a "parlour car," or with the chairs placed in couples in the more plebeian fashion of railway travel, with, in this case, a gain to sociability —permitting friends to sit together.
Upon arrival, each person is met at the door by the hostess, wearing an automobile cap with visor, who presents a ticket, with her welcome, inscribed, From Funville to Where-You-Will,
Good for this trip and train only. (Date.)
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