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n6 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
They are next met by a person who punches the tickets and hands to each a small red-covered paper book with "Baedeker's Guide" in gilt letters upon it-*-its leaves covered with numbered lines. They are requested to take their seats in the train, to await the hour of starting—in order that all shall be present before the game begins—and of course seek their friends or are presented to their travelling neighbours. In the mean­time, a boy or young woman, dressed to suggest an imitation of the vendors in the trains, passes up and down between the chairs, calling out the wares in the sing-song, perfunctory tone of the train-peddlers, and, regardless of interrupting conversations, thrusts peanuts, candy, books and periodicals upon the notice of all who are seated.
When a sufficient number of guests have arrived, the hostess shuts the door with a bang, a bell is rung in the distance, and the " choo-choo-choo" of the engine is heard (produced by a vigorous shaking of rice or tea in a tin vessel), as the train is supposed to glide out of the station.
Five minutes later and the noise stops, the hostess shouts, "Descendez, Messieurs les Voyageurs," or the same words in any foreign language, in order to sug­gest that European stopping-places are included in their travels. They are then at liberty to examine the various articles scattered all about the rooms, on tables, book-cases, mantels, and all available places. Each has a number—and the travellers are expected to note in their guide-books, on the line marked with a correspond­ing number, what place the article is supposed to recall or represent. Puns are in order as well, and a prize is offered to the one whose book will show the greatest number of correct guesses.
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