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Games Requiring Preparation               117
By way of suggestion:
A cigar may stand for Havana.
A cup and saucer for China.
Manila paper for Manila.
Box of cold-cream for Greece.
A new Noah's Ark for Newark.
A bit of Castile soap for Castile.
A cork for the city of that name.
A Leghorn straw hat, Leghorn.
A bit of coral, Naples.
"The Red Sea and plane beyond"órepresented by a red letter C and a carpenter's plane.
A picture of a man on a bicycle, Wheeling.
A bottle of cologne to suggest that town.
An alphabet card of capital letters to represent "All the capitals."
A bit of Dresden, Delft or Sevres china to recall the places of their manufacture.
A bit of the linen called "brown holland" to suggest that country.
An orange for Florida.
Brazil-nuts will recall the land where they grew.
Macaroni for Italy.
And a philopena ought, by a little stretch of the imagination, to remind one of our new possessions in Asia.
The refreshments should be served in the dining-room at a high table, made to represent as nearly as pos≠sible a counter at a railway station. Pyramids of fruit, cakes, pies, and sandwiches under glass covers, a huge coffee-urn at one end, with cups at hand.
Two or three girls dressed as barmaids stand behind the counter and serve those who approach. To see the eyes of a pretty girl twinkle over a wedge of pie held in
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