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118 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
her hand—as the supremest reach of Bohemianism of her wildest imaginings—is a sight truly amusing. Novelty adds spice.
While the guests are regaling themselves, the hostess collects the various little books, each with its sig­nature, and counts the guesses in order to award the prize to the most successful. This may be a new and entertaining book of travels, or a print or etching of some old cathedral or world-famed spot.
The game may be easily adapted for children or for a church sociable, where a small sum is charged for the ticket and for the refreshments.
This is a variation of "Mrs. Jarley's Wax-Works," that had so long a popularity.
A good showman should be selected, one who is a ready speaker and possessed of a keen sense of humour.
He announces to the audience that he has a collection of curiosities and antiquities unequalled in extent and variety in any other part of the world—indeed, the "Greatest Show on Earth." Then, perhaps, he leads before the audience, from behind the curtain, the "Prize Beauty"—a young woman with cheeks vividly rouged, eyebrows darkened, and her bodice covered with gilt-paper, jewelry, and medals. The showman then pro­ceeds to tell her story, of the bloody deeds done for love of her "beaux yeux," that she had travelled from Maine to Texas, challenging any woman to dispute with her the championship of beauty.
A blonde might next appear as an albino—her hair profusely powdered and brushed out as if she were experiencing an electric shock. Her story might be most pathetic (?)—a princess in her native land—vaguely
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