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Games Requiring Preparation               119
described as being near the equator—stolen by members of the Ethnological Society to prove some pet scientific theory, and thrown helpless upon the charity of a cold world when the theory had exploded. The subject should keep her eyes half-closed, and the showman assures the audience that, if she could bear the light, they would see that her eyes were pink.
The next withdrawal of the curtain might reveal ''The Chinese Giant." By one's standing upon a stool, wearing a long chintz robe, the ruse of height would be concealed. A pair of yellow slippers, their toes showing beneath the gown, would help the illusion. The giant may wear a smoking-cap, from beneath which a long queue hangs down behind, made of—possibly there may be dark-haired women interested in his appearance, whose dressing-table drawers may yield up their secrets for his benefit. A long, drooping moustache of black sewing-silk will give him quite a Mongolian appearance. He might tell his own story in pigeon-English, or corroborate the statements made concerning him by the showman. The "Bearded Woman" could be easily arranged for.
A man, in a rather "sketchy" tennis suit, might pose for the "Modern Hercules," his muscles of cotton wool enormously developed. He could lift (light) tables with his teeth, crush bits of iron (licorice sticks) with one hand, and strut about as if he could annihilate the whole company with a touch.
"The Two-headed Girl" requires two girls for the part —as may be surmised. Their feet concealed by a long gown fastened around both waists, a sash as well, with a fichu around both necks crossed in front and tied behindthe illusion is not altogether impossible. Each puts one arm in a sleeve and encircles the waist of her companion with the other—which is hidden under the
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