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i2o The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
dress. The eyes of both should blink at the same moment and both mouths open to speak in concert. A system of signals will ensure this.
Perhaps the best "exhibit" of all is an "Egyptian Mummy"—which should be carried before the curtain and deposited upon a table. With arms bound to the side, the person should be tightly rolled first in burlaps, and then in cheese-cloth dipped in coffee and tattered in places. The head must be bandaged as well, and the face stained with walnut - juice, smeared with wood -ashes, and the cheeks drawn in to simulate emaciation. The body should be held perfectly rigid, while the show­man dilates upon the funeral customs of ancient Egypt and the judgment of the dead before the tribunal of Osiris. (A short account may be culled from Ingraham's "Pillar of Fire," page 252.)
It may be effective, if, at the conclusion of the show­man's peroration, the mummy give an unearthly yell, open his or her eyes, and, helped off the table, hop into the midst of the audience as a "grand finale." Supper might then be announced.
The same idea as is suggested in a former game may be used to illustrate the titles of books to be guessed.
Pictures cut from periodicals and advertisements are hung or placed all about the room, supplemented by whatever ingenuity or artistic talent may be available.
The company, provided with cards or tiny books with pencils attached, "hunt in couples," and the guesses are recorded on the cards. Since there is confidence between the partners, the prize must be something that can be divided between two, shared, or duplicate articles awarded them.
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