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Games Requiring Preparation               121
1.  Three small calendars for June, July and August.
2.  Two dressing-combs, with "latest style" written
beneath the picture.
3.  A sleeping baby.
4.  A donkey, followed by the letters O. T.
5.  A picture of Queen Louisa of Prussia.
6.  A mother clasping her child in her arms.
7.  A man climbing a ladder.
8.  A staff of music with the note "b " preceded by a trill.
9.  An >• S" and a "B" made of nickel (or these letters may be pasted on a 5-cent piece).
10.  A string of fish.
11.  Several men and boys standing in a line.
12.  A variety of men—fashion plates, workmen, etc.
1.  "One Summer"—Blanche Willis Howard.
2.  "The Newcomes"—Thackeray.
3.  "Kidnapped"—Robert Louis Stevenson.
4.  "Don Quixote"—Cervantes.
5.  "A Lady of Quality"—Frances Hodgson Burnett.
6.  "To Have and to Hold"—Mary Johnston.
7.  "The Ascent of Man"—Drummond.
8.  "Trilby"—Du Maurier.
9.  "Nicholas Nickleby"—Dickens.
10.  "Fisherman's Luck"—van Dyke.
11.  "A Hero (He row)"—Dinah Maria Mulock.
12.  "All sorts and conditions of Men"—Walter
Among persons well acquainted this entertainment is sure to be a merry one.
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