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Games Requiring Preparation                123
Upon the occasion, recalled above, the first prize was an enormous rattle, ingeniously made of a tin dipper, in the bowl of which a tin cup of like dimensions was fitted and laced together by wire passed through holes perforated in the rims. Bonbons rattling against the tin made plenty of noise. The whole was wound about with sil­ver foil and tied with gay ribbons.
The second prize—to the most beautiful baby—was a hand-mirror in the wooden frame of which holes were made, and in each was strung a tiny silver bell, which made a rattle pleasing even to grown-up babies. On the back of the mirror these words from Mother Goose were burnt into the wood:
"And she shall have music Wherever she goes."
With taste and ingenuity this may be made an occa­sion of rare fun.
The invitations request that the women guests shall come in costume, representing some well-known song— and the men prepared to play upon some musical instru­ment, from a violin to a jewsharp, or a comb. Those with mischievous propensity may hire a hand-organ, graphophone or music-box, but "every man is expected to do his duty," and bring with him whatever movable instrument he chooses—mandolin, zither, guitar, banjo, drum, kindergarten musical toys, etc., prepared to entertain his fellow guests, each, in turn, at the call of the hostess.
The first part of the evening is devoted to guessing contests, for which booklets are provided in which to record the guesses, and trifling prizes awarded to the successful. Some one may play upon the piano a few
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