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Games Requiring Preparation                125
had finally to explain that she did not suggest a song, but a musical measure—ragtime !
Clever people will find many opportunities for them­selves from the world of popular songs.
Alternating with a song, one of the "instrumental selections " should be played by a masculine contributor. By secret ballot, the most successful singer and musician should be voted prizes.
Two or three girls were bewailing the fact in mock heroics that the recent debut of their younger sisters had relegated them to the limbo technically known as "the shelf," when it was proposed that they amuse and console themselves by giving a "Spinsters' Tea," bidding other antiquated damsels of from 25 to 30.
The invitations were headed by pen-and-ink drawings of cats, parrots, and cups of steaming tea, and the guests were requested to come attired as old maids.
They appeared with side-curls, high combs and spec­tacles, wearing mitts and carrying reticules and bead bags, from which they refreshed themselves occasionally with fennel and peppermint drops.
About the room were large sheets of paper, upon which heads of cats, cut out of black paper, were pasted. Some were cross-eyed, some had one eye closed in a sly wink. All were bewhiskered, but different in some way from each other.
Tea, cookies and doughnuts were served on a bare mahogany table from old-fashioned china.
A guessing-match was a feature of the afternoon's entertainment. The questions and answers were as follows:
A dangerous cat (Catastrophe).
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