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126 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
An aspiring cat (Catamount).
A cat that can swim (Catfish).
A cat that can fly (Catbird).
A cat that will be a butterfly (Caterpillar).
A library cat (Catalogue).
A cat that asks questions (Catechism).
A cat's near relation (Catkin).
A cat that is good to eat (Catsup).
A horned cat (Cattle).
A cat that throws stones (Catapult).
A tree cat (Catalpa).
A water cat (Cataract).
A cat that flavours the grapes (Catawba).
A cat that covers acres of ground (Cataclysm).
A subterranean cat (Catacomb).
A cat, that, living, appears dead (Catalepsy).
A cat prized as a gem (Catseye).
A cat with a cold (Catarrh).
A game that requires but simple preparations and that rarely fails to amuse is a guessing-match. Arrayed upon a table and duly numbered are several articles of familiar use, and to the players are given cards with numbered lines and pencils attached whereon to write their guesses respecting certain details of these objects. The leader has, of course, previously ascertained the cor­rect answers, which are written upon his or her card:
By way of suggestion, the following questions may be asked:
What is the height of a man's silk hat ?
How many seeds in an apple or orange ?
What is the weight of an egg?
How many peanuts in a pint ?
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