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Games Requiring Preparation               127
How many spots in a pack of cards ? (Answer without time for computation.)
Draw the face of a clock. (The difficulty arises when the V is reached.)
How many pins in a paper ?
How many safety-matches in a box ?
What is the exact diameter of a half-dollar?
How many spokes in a wheel ?
If it be desired to give prizes to the best guesser, it should be something national (Yankees being pre­eminent in that accomplishment)—if only a flag. A nutmeg might answer for a "booby prize," as the com­memorative of a Connecticut Yankee of inglorious fame.
Why not the word "exchange " instead nobody knows, but at all events it has become very popular, alike with old and young. Every guest brings four or five little neatly wrapped and tied bundles. The more misleading in shape as to contents the better. The packages may contain anything from candy to soap, starch, tea, book, handkerchief, sun-bonnet, etc., the more absurd the fun­nier. Each person recommends his or her own bundles, describing the contents as wittily, and in a way to deceive as much, as possible. The bargaining becomes very shrewd and merry until all the parcels have been swapped, oftentimes more than once. Then they are opened, the best bargain winning first prize, the poorest compelling the holder to tell a story, suggest a game, sing or recite for the entertainment of the company. The universal verdict—"no trouble and lots of fun !"
This is a favourite game at summer resorts where the quests of a hotel are well acquainted.
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