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i28 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Every one who chooses may contribute one or more articles, which should be so wrapped as to entirely dis­guise the character, and these are offered to the highest bidder by some one with a glib tongue who will consent to play auctioneer. Every one is provided with a like number of beans wrapped in a Japanese paper napkin, which represents his or her entire finances. If too much is bid for one parcel, one's resources are crippled for the next. It is the etiquette of the game that, when an article is "knocked down," the purchaser shall open the parcel and display its contents.
The game may be played with pleasant results when entertaining guests at home. The articles offered should be but trifles—with an occasional treasure-trove —to encourage the interest and excitement in bidding.
Mock catalogues, type-written, add to the fun, espe­cially when each item is a conundrum, and greatly facilitates the part of the auctioneer. For instance: i. A bit of old lace—Shoe lace.
2.  A portrait of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria—
Copper penny.
3.  Study in black and white—Chalk and coal.
4.  Souvenir of the wedding day—Rice.
5.  The traveller's guide—Time-table.
6.  The fruit of disobedience—Apple.
7.  A letter from Hell—H.
8.  A marble group—Several marbles.
9.  A revealer of men's thoughts—Paper-knife.
10.  That which we neither borrow nor lend,
E'en to our best and dearest friend—Tooth-brush.
11.  A pair of slippers1—Bit of orange peel and banana.
12.  A mighty weapon—A pen.
13.  A bit of Indian jewelry—A bead bracelet.
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