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Progressive Games
T HE number of guests must be divisible into parties of four, preferably composed of both sexes in equal proportions. Twenty-four makes a good number. A small table for every four players will be required, and all should be placed about the room where the light is good, leaving sufficient space between for the players to change their seats without inconvenience to any one. Tables three feet across, the tops covered in green baize, are satisfactory and are the kind usually supplied for this purpose by the best caterers. One is marked the head table; the next in order, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The tables are identified by cards with these numbers fastened to them by thumb­tacks. Each table is supplied with a box of tiny stars with mucilage on the back, like stamps, one of which is stuck on the score-card to mark each victory. A tally-card is provided for every person and each is marked number 1, 2, etc., respectively, to assign the seats at the tables for the first game. These cards may be of various colours, but always two of the same tint, to determine the partners. Or white cards may be tied with bows of different coloured ribbons and small pencils attached, and of these each must have its duplicate. The honours may be marked in
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