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132 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
counted, and a prize is awarded to the most successful lady and to the victor among the men. The one whose score is lowest receives a booby prize in mock derision, or a "consolation" prize is given either as a second or third award, or it is drawn for by the contestants who have not been the winners of the others. This is generally done by drawing a card from the pack, each in turn. The person to whose lot the first ace falls is the fortunate one.
The supper is often served at the little tables.
Of all progressive games, this one of the strange name is probably the one most widely popular. As in all others, a small table is provided for every four players, but Salmagundi is distinguished from other games in that a different game is played at each table.
Games of cards may be chosen—if preferred—Hearts, Euchre, Five Hundred, Sniff, etc., or such games as Dominoes, Jack-straws, Tiddle-dy-winks, Conette, Lotto, Halma, Pit, Fish-Pond, the rules for playing which are supplied with the game when purchased. There is no rule against such games as "Patent Medicines," "Menagerie," etc., which certainly contribute to a merry uproar.
The winners progress at sound of the signal given at the head table, and play a new game; the losers retain their places and must play the same game over again.
The introduction of variety adds much to the pleasure —and, as there is a change of partners at each "pro­gression," everybody meets everybody else.
When every couple has made the rounds of the tables and played all the games, as nearly as their varying
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