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134 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
6. Who said these words:
"With malice toward none, With charity for all, With firmness in the right, As God gives us to see the right"? The cards are signed as the bell gives the signal, and the hostess collects them at each table, compares the answers with her "key"—and returns those of the winning pair, who then progress to the next table.
At the second table, the questions may be of the authorship of famous or well-known books, of foreign lands, and of our own: Who wrote: i. "Bracebridge Hall"?
2.  "Love Me Little, Love Me Long"?
3.  "Corinne"?
4.  "Consuelo"?
5.  "Evelina"?
6.  "L'Aiglon"?
7.  "Telemaque"?
8.  "Wilhelm Meister"?
9.  "Denis Duval"?
10.  "Tom Brown at Rugby"?
11.  "Rasselas"?
12.  "Don Quixote"?
13.  "Robinson Crusoe"?
14.  "Anna Karenina"?
The third table may offer a variety from the first ones, having strewn over its surface a number of pictures cut from periodicals, illustrating the titles of books, pasted upon numbered cards. The guesses of the players are written upon the blank cards supplied them —numbering each one in accordance with the picture that offers the problem.
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