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136 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Each person is given a card containing a list of subjects which should be discussed in the order in which they are given. Small coloured pencils are attached to the cards by ribbons of the same shade, and the man and maiden holding matching colours are partners for the first conversation.
At the touch of a bell by the hostess, the men seat themselves, and each pair in the room discusses the first subject mentioned on their cards. At the end of fifteen or twenty minutes the bell rings again, where­upon all the men rise and, passing to the left, each one seats himself at the left side of the next young woman in the line and takes up the second subject on the list for their mutual consideration.
When each couple have met and discussed every topic, a secret ballot is cast as to which is the most interesting conversationalist—the ladies voting for the gentlemen and the gentlemen for the ladies. The names are printed or the hand-writing is disguised; the papers are folded and thrown into a hat or basket. There should be a lady's prize and one for the men.
If it be desired, additional honours may be voted for the wittiest, the most profound thinker, the most convincing in argument, etc. The subjects most likely to interest and provoke discussion are chosen, of course.
The following topics have been found suggestive:
"Which does a man love best, his mother, his wife, or his sweetheart?"
"Which is the way to a man's heart—through his eyes or his ears?"
" Should women vote ?"
" Favourite books and why they are favoured ?"
"Madam Grundy."
" Which loves better, a man or a woman ?"
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