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Progressive Games                           137
"What is your ambition?"
"What are woman's rights?"
After the prizes have been awarded, some of the clever or amusing things said during the evening are repeated for the benefit of the rest. One man was reported to have answered to the first question: "A man loves his sweetheart most, his wife best, and his mother longest." A young woman's reply to the second question on the list was quoted asó"Love knows all the roadsóbut they do say that the highway to a man's affections is down his throat."
This game is a variation of "Progressive Euchre," and is especially appropriate to be played when some such diversion may be wanted upon national holidays.
It is played at small tablesófour persons at each one, as are all progressive gamesóbut every table is called after some fort that has been conspicuous in our country's annals, and is decorated with a pennon bearing its name and a small national flag. These may be easily arranged to stand proudly aloft, if an ordinary brick be covered with Turkey red, or with scarlet cotton-velvet tied round about with a red, white and blue ribbon. A small flag-staff is inserted at each end of the brick, held in place by the ribbon. The national colours should overtop the other flag. Tiny toy cannon, mounted on the bricksóbetween the flagsógive a military suggestion.
The score-cards are small flags, of which the blue fields are without stars. A bit of blue silk, neatly stitched over the starry corner, will offer the opportunity to the players to restore the accustomed glories to the flagó
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