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Progressive Games                           139
The prizes should be suitable as gifts to a conqueror. A laurel wreath of artificial leaves makes a "coiffure" that almost any woman would find becoming, and a vivandiere's barrel filled with bonbons would fitly reward the lady combatants. There are swords and other weapons that would please a hero who has artistic leanings on the subject of household embellishment, a toy sword, bugle, cymbals, military accoutrements, even a band of gold braid for his coat-sleeve, a timsel gilt star, a decoration or "order" (many varieties of which are made for cotillion favours) would appro­priately recompense the heroes of such a bloodless field.
The caterers in all the large towns have individual moulds for ices in the form of cannon-balls, drums, cocked hats, etc., and a large one that may almost always be counted upon is in the form of Bunker Hill Monument. These may appropriately form part of the refreshments.
Among persons who are fairly well acquainted, or upon occasions where playing at love is the openly avowed entertainment—as on St. Valentine's evening or after an engagement dinner—this game will be productive of much fun.
An equal number of young men and women take part. The ladies are seated, and at the left hand of each a vacant chair is placed, or the chairs may be arranged in pairs, tete-a-tete fashion—facing opposite ways.
The men stand, pending the signal to take their places—and, if the hostess please, partners for the first conversation may be determined by drawing slips of paper from two receptacles, upon which the names
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