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Progressive Games                         141
which she pleases to receive—may be given a heart-shaped bonbonniere or one of the little travelling ink­stands that are made in that form, of highly polished metal or silver. A heart-shaped lock fits with a spring into a tiny heart-shaped clamp, needing release before the lid springs up to permit the use of the ink. A large heart, made of Turkey-red cotton, filled with rice, might answer for a "booby prize" to the too susceptible maiden.
The supper should include heart-shaped sandwiches and cakes, kisses and ices in the form of cupids and true-lovers' knots.
Upon one of our national holidays a little party of friends met at the house of a lady whose enforced residence abroad had made her, after her exile, the more eager to be "thoroughly American" in her entertainment, which offered the attraction of novelty.
Four tables were arranged for a progressive game of "National Conundrums." The tally-cards were small silk flags, and over the starry corner of each a piece of blue silk was sewn—blotting out the stars, which were to be restored one by one as a victory was marked, using for the purpose the small gilt ones that are made to serve as counters for progressive games.
On the first table, a small box, made to represent a fire-cracker, was at each place. One contained a bit of paper upon which was written the following:
What do you know of famous American soubriquets ?
1.  Who was called "Fuss and Feathers"?
2.  Who was known as "Old Hickory"?
3.  What vessel was fondly called "Old Ironsides"?
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