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142 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
A second fire-cracker contained a paper with the same initial question, followed by:
4.  Who was called the "Rail-splitter"?
5.  Whose nickname was "Tippecanoe"?
6.  Who was called "Old Rough and Ready"? The third paper had for special questions:
7.  Who was first called "Brother Jonathan"?
8.  What was the real name of "Stonewall Jackson" ?
9.  What State was called "The Mother of Presidents " ? The fourth paper had:
10.  Who was "Little Mac"?
11.  What Revolutionary general was known as "Mad Anthony"?
12.  What was the "Terrapin" policy?
Papers were given upon which to write the answers— which were collected by the hostess at the signal of fire­crackers being set off on the hearth. The two whose answers were most correct moved to the next table, the other two remained and found new questions—in other fire-cracker boxes.
The correct answers are:
1.  General Scott.
2.  Andrew Jackson.
3.  The frigate "Constitution."
4.  Abraham Lincoln.
5.  William Henry Harrison.
6.  Zachary Taylor.
7.  Jonathan Trumbull, Governor of Connecticut.
8.  Thomas Jonathan Jackson.
9.  Virginia.
10.  George B. McClellan.
11.  General Wayne.
12.  Jefferson's Embargo. The terrapin draws its head and feet into its shell when frightened.
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