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144 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
taming a few leaves, the covers of which were in imita­tion of the heraldic shield of the United States: i. What is the most religious State ?
2.  What the most egotistical State?
3.  The State where the untidy should live ?
4.  The father of States?
5.  The maidenly State?
6.  The State for students?
7.  The best for miners?
8.  The most unhealthy State?
9.  The State to cure the sick?
10.  The decimal State?
11.  Best in time of floods?
12.  The State of astonishment ?
1.  Mass.                                     7. Ore.
2.  Me.                                        8. 111.
3.  Wash.                                    9. Md.
4.  Pa.                                       10. Tenn.
5.  Miss.                                    11. Ark.
6.  Conn.                                   12. O.
At the fourth table, the little tally-booklets were in the form of "Liberty Bells"—the covers of silver paper, with the traditional "crack" indicated in sepia. Each contained half a dozen sentences supposed to be characteristic of well-known American authors, artists, statesmen, heroes, noted women, etc., the first letter of each word giving the initials of the person's name.
For example:
1.  Thoroughly jReliable.
2.  How Wonderfully Lyrical!
3.  Grandly .Daring.
4.  Many Merry .Doings.
5.  .Rarely Proved Hardihood.
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