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Card Games                                 149
you match and take up or leave your card on the board for place.
Once during the deal the dealer is entitled to take a "tendido," which means "layout." He throws, face up on the board, four cards, two at a time. He is entitled to score all the place cards, counting from either end (but not both); and, to bring them in place so as to make them count, he may change the order in the two couples, but not from one couple to the other. He may also make up as many randas and randines and fours (which count for six randas, queens eighteen, for example) as he can make up in the tendido and the cards already on the board. The tendido is then thrown in with the other cards on the board. Sixty-one points constitute a game. Extra cards, if odd number of players, are turned up on the board.
The cards are dealt in the usual way. No trump is turned, and the players hold their cards with the faces turned away from them, so that each person sees the cards of all the rest, but has no idea of his own hand. The person to the left of the dealer makes the trump, basing his selection on what he has seen in the hands of his opponents.
The maker of the trump then leads, and each one plays a card without knowing what it is until he sees it on the table. The tricks are taken in the regular way. There is no skill in the game; it is ridiculous, but amus­ing. It is also called "Lunatic Euchre."
The game may be played by four, five or six players, each one for himself. A full pack is used, one card dealt
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