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150 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
at a time. The ace ranks highest. An equal number of cards is dealt to each player, the odd cards being left on the table face up.
The person on the dealer's left may lead what he pleases, the others follow suit, the highest card takes the trick, there being no trumps.
Any player unable to follow suit may throw away any card he chooses. The object of the game is to avoid taking any trick which contains a heart. Therefore it is well at the beginning of the game to get rid of one's highest cards, because then the others are more likely to be able to follow suit. Later on, when the suits are exhausted and the players begin to throw away their hearts, it is desirable not to have the cards of high value to take the tricks. At the end of each "hand" the players count the number of hearts in the tricks they have taken, when the one having the fewest hearts wins the game.
A time-limit must be set for the conclusion of the game.
The count may be made with chips, in which case, at the end of each "hand" the players who have taken heart cards pay a chip for each one. These are divided among those who have avoided taking heart cards.
The game may be played progressively.
This game is played with the whole pack of cards divided among the players. Each player chooses the name either of an advertisement or of a patent medicine —as long and complicated a name as possible, so as to make the game the more difficult.
All put their cards in packs face downward on the table in front of them and each in succession turns over
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