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Card Games                               151
one card at a time from the top of his pile. If a player, in turning over a card, discloses one of the same value as that already exposed on another's pack, he must call out the patent medicine or advertisement chosen by his opponent, before his adversary can shout his.
Much of the fun of this game lies in the rapidity with which the cards are turned. Each must play as quickly as possible.
This game is so old as to be new to this generation. It may be recalled that it was a favourite game with the "Crawford" ladies. The rules are as follows:
Take out all cards below the eight in the two red suits, but retain the sevens in the two black suits.
Shuffle, and deal a card to each one until nine cards have been given each person. Retain the remaining three for a widow. The one at the left of the dealer bids for the trump, then the next person, then the dealer (as in six-handed Euchre), each succeeding person being obliged to raise the bid in order to secure it. The highest bidder gets it. If no one bids, the next person deals; six must be bid, nothing lower being allowed.
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