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152 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
"Preference" means taking all nine tricks without the widow, and counts 500.
Each one begins with 500, and the one who first reduces the score wins, or, if two go out, the one farther out wins.
In case the party bidding loses, the amount bid is deducted from the score of each of the others and added to the score of the loser, as in Euchre.
If the party bidding wins, he can count only the amount bid, but each one winning tricks, aside from the bidder, counts ten for each trick, except when there is a euchre.
If any one bids six on spades the next one can bid six on clubs, six on diamonds, or six on hearts.
The player making the trump is entitled to the widow, but when ready to play must have only nine cards in hand. First lead must be a trump, except when the "no trump" bid is accepted, when simply follow suit.
It is a charming game for a social gathering. Have, for instance, four tables with seats for three at each— and a written description of the rules for playing the game. The interchanges and possibilities are very interesting, and for any one who knows Euchre it is not at all difficult to learn. In the corner of the invitation the word "Preference" may be written, which will be a pleasant mystery to the uninitiated. If a prize be desired, a copy of "Crauford" would be an appropriate one.
For Two, Three or Four Players This is a variation of the foregoing game, but thought by many to be a great improvement upon it.
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