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Card Games
Illustrations: A bid of six on Spades 60 is higher than six on Clubs 40; and a bid of eight on Hearts 240 is higher than nine on Clubs 160.
1.  For three-handed, as usually played, use all cards above six-spot; for two-handed, use all cards above eight-spot; for four-handed, play partners and use all cards above four-spot. Joker is always used.
2.  Deal three cards to each player, three times around, then one to each, leaving remainder for the widow. In two-handed, leave two for each player as a pick-up, and one for the widow.
3.  Each player has one bid; the highest makes trump, takes the widow, discards all but ten, and leads.
4.  When "no trump" is played the cards rank as at Whist, with the Joker only as a trump card.
5.  When playing a "no-trump" hand, whoever leads the Joker calls for any suit desired, and a card of the suit called for must be played upon it.
6.  If a player takes the number of tricks bid, or more, he scores only the number which his bid calls for in the schedule. Should he take every trick, however, he counts 250, or more, if his bid calls for it.
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