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154 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
7.  Each player, other than the bidder, counts ten for every trick he takes.
8.  Failure to take the number of tricks bid sets the player back the number his bid calls for.
Each player starts with 500. He subtracts the amounts he wins and adds the amounts he loses. The first to reduce his 500 to o wins the game.
The game may be played by two, three, or four (as partners). In the latter case, the partners change at the end of each game, which makes it possible to de­termine the individual score, and so give prominence to the victor.
In playing "Muggins" only five cards of each suite are used—the King, Queen, Knave, Ten and Two.
Each of these has a name—the King of Hearts is Mr. Ninkum-twitch; the Queen is Mrs. Ninkum-twitch; the Knave is Mr. and Mrs. Ninkum-twitch's son Jack; the Ten is Mr. and Mrs. Ninkum-twitch's dog "Tray"; and the Two is Mr. and Mrs. Ninkum-twitch's dog-cart.
The King of Diamonds is Lord Funny duster; the Queen is Lady Funnyduster; the Knave is Lord and Lady Funny duster's son Jacky; the Ten, Lord and Lady Funnyduster's dog "Trot"; and the Two is Lord and Lady Funnyduster's dog-cart.
The King of Clubs is "Club, the Policeman"; the Queen is "Club, the Policeman's wife"; the Knave is "Club, the Policeman's son John"; the Ten, "Club, the Policeman's dog 'Tramp'"; and the Two is "Club, the Policeman's patrol-wagon."
The King of Spades is "Spade, the gardener"; the Queen, "Spade, the Gardener's wife"; the Knave, "Spade, the Gardener's son John"; the Ten, "Spade,
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