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158 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
one declared, the player is obliged to take all the cards that are on the table, and the object is to get rid of one's cards.
If, however, the card prove to be the one that the player represented it, the doubter must take all the cards on the table.
Sometimes the bad morals of the game so infect a player that he tries to put down two cards at once, when, if he is discovered, he is obliged to take every card on the table into his own hand.
The one who first gets rid of all his cards beats the game. The cards should be played rapidly.
Sniff is a game of either dominoes or card dominoes, and may be played by two persons or four as partners. The four-handed is the better game.
The dominoes are posed face down, and each player takes six, the rest being left in the stock. The one who' has the highest double opens the game. If no one has a double, each draws in turn from the stock until one is found. He places this in the centre of the table. This domino is called "Sniff," and the next player on the left must place next to it another piece, one end of which must correspond to the numbers of Sniff. If he cannot do this he must draw from the stock. If after drawing three pieces he is still unable to play, he loses his turn.
All four sides of Sniff may be played to, and the object of the game is to place the pieces so that the sum of all the pips may make five or a multiple of five. Each five, or multiple of five, made by a player is added to his score, and the one first reaching 100 or 200 (as agreed upon) wins the game.
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