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Card Games
It is of great advantage to get rid of one's dominoes quickly, for the first one to do so adds to his score all the pips in his adversaries' hands.
Five, or a multiple of five, alone is counted. For instance, if the opponents' pips added together make seven, he adds five to his score; but if eight, he adds ten.
The player of Sniff adds ten to his score, but if Sniff is double-six it counts twenty.
In the diagram double-two is "Sniff," and counts the player:
At 10. B, plays No. 2 and counts 5 (2 plus 3 equals 5). Player C, No. 3, does not score (3 plus 6 equals 9), but the players of No. 4, Dy and No. 5, A, count 10 and 15 respectively. The score would therefore read thus:
Score of A and C               Score op B and D
10                                                             5
IS                                                 ^
25                                                  *5
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