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Children's Games
T HIS game is of French origin and affords the children—particularly the spectators—no end of fun. It shows how little idea of distance we have apart from sight.
Two wires or ropes are drawn across the end of the room, and suspended from them by gay ribbons are • inexpensive gifts wrapped in tissue papers of many shades. Those for the girls are distinguishable by the paler colours—pink, light blue, yellow, pea green— while the articles intended for the boys are wrapped in scarlet, deep green, blue, violet, orange, etc. The guests are blindfolded in couples and each given a pair of round-pointed scissors. At a given signal, each must turn around three times and then advance to the lines and cut therefrom a gift. Interference is warranted only when the boy goes to the girl's side or vice versa. If bits of cotton are laid over the eyes in addition to the bandage, it will give to all assurance of absolute fairness.
It is surprising to see how far some will go astray, while others will proceed almost directly toward the mark.
A pretty Japanese game known by the musical name "Yemari" is now very popular as an amusement for
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