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The interest toward the close of the contest grows most exciting, and the one who upsets the flag pays the forfeit of a "traitor" who degrades and insults the flag of his country. The culprit is condemned to be shot—blindfolded, stood against the wall, and is the target for a bean-shooter pistol.
The very little ones will enjoy this: While one of the players is out of the room a handkerchief is hidden, which, upon his or her return, is to be searched for, guided by the music from the piano.
When far away from the object of search the music is low and very slowly played, but becomes louder and more joyous as the right spot is approached, ending with a crash when the handkerchief is found. Volunteers are asked for to be the next seeker.
The antiquity of this game speaks for itself, and it has been a favourite with many generations of children.
Two players are chosen captains—to represent Eng­land and America. These two stand, with arms up­raised and hands joined, so as to form an arch for the rest to pass under, one by one, and holding by each other's clothes. All sing:
"Open the gates as high as the sky • And let King George and his troops pass by."
Or "Yankee Doodle" may be sung instead, making the last line
"Now we have you handy."
At these words, or at the conclusion of the former song,
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