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A conductor is chosen, and the members of the orches­tra range themselves in a semi-circle around him. Each one has chosen some instrument, which he promises to imitate to the best of his ability. The conductor then announces some familiar, lively air, raps with his cane, umbrella or ruler baton for attention, and, as he raises it and makes the first stroke, every performer contributes, by voice and gesture, an imitation of the instrument he or she has chosen. The conductor sings the air, and flute, trombone, drum, violin, etc., form the accompani­ment. The game usually affords much fun if carried out with spirit.
At the call of the conductor, solos must be given, or a forfeit paid by the one who fails or refuses, or is unable to control the propensity to laugh.
All the players sit in a row, except one, who inquires of each person what he or she will give to furnish the Bachelor's Kitchen. Each one answers by naming some article that might find place in a kitchen—but no two may be alike.
The questioner then begins with the first player, and puts to him all sorts of questions, to which he may reply only by the repetition of the name of his contribution. If, for example, one has given a pail, the questioner asks, "What did you wash your face in this morning?" —"A pail." " From what did you eat your breakfast ?" —"A pail," etc. The object is to make the players laugh—which subjects them to a forfeit; as does also the addition or substitution of any word to their chosen answer.
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