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166 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
This is an old favourite, but may be always counted upon to please> The players form a circle, holding hands, and one is placed in the middle, blindfolded, and a wand (a cane or hoople-stick) is given him. The rest dance around him, singing some popular chorus. Suddenly the piano accompaniment stops, and im­mediately all in the circle stand perfectly still, loosing hands. The blindman now reaches out his wand, and the person to whom it points must advance and hold the other end. The blindman then imitates the sound of some animal, which must be echoed by the holder of the wand, at the same time disguising the voice so that his identity may not be discerned. This test may be thrice repeated, changing the cry or roar each time, and then the blindman may pass the wand over the person under consideration, touching him here or there, while he crouches or stands on tip-toe to deceive the blindman about his height. If the former guesses cor­rectly he must give the name of the person detected, who then changes places with him and becomes blind-man in his turn.
This .game is suggested as a convenient one to fill intervals when preparations are being made for some change of programme, though too well known to require further description than the statement that a quart or more of peanuts is concealed about the room in every imaginable place that a peanut may be induced to stay. They may be wrapped in different coloured tissue papers or left in their pristine simplicity. The party is re­quested to enter into competition as to which shall find
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