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170 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
bewildered. The position of Postmaster is therefore one of some responsibility and should be regarded as complimentary to the one selected for the office.
Some little trifle of costume seems to confer honour and reconcile its wearer to the tasks imposed; so a news­paper chapeau, with panache of cut paper, or a mural crown covered with old postage-stamps, may be worn to distinguish him from the other players. When tired of the office, he may appoint a successor.
This is a masquerade geography lesson, but the chih dren will not at once discover it, and we but imitate nature when we tempt them for their good.
One player takes a handkerchief, and, throwing it at another, cries "Europe!" A timekeeper then begins counting ten rather rapidly, and the person to whom the handkerchief was thrown must name some place, river, mountain, person or thing, connected with the countries of Europe, before number ten is reached. It may be arranged that the person answering correctly puts the next test-question; if incorrectly, or unable to answer, a forfeit must be paid.
The players must be alert and alive, for often the one throwing the handkerchief looks at one while throwing it in quite another direction.
The game may be made more difficult if special coun­tries are named, and for adult players a century may be given, and the famous characters belonging to it must be quickly recalled.
This is a good game for out of doors, though it may also be played in the house.
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