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pays a forfeit, and these are redeemed at the end of the game.
It must not be blown too violently, or it will fly so high that it will be difficult to reach—and the one who blows it outside the circle must also pay a forfeit.
When children play it, they usually prefer to dance around in pursuit of it, but they must not let go each other's hands to catch it in its descent. The player who goes through three rounds without being touched wins the game.
This is appropriate for very little folk. Four chil­dren each hold the corner of a handkerchief or napkin. Another standing by gives the order, "Hold fast!" Whereupon all must let go. When he says "Let go!" they must continue to hold fast. Those who fail to do this must drop out of the game and others take their places, or they pay a forfeit if that penalty be preferred. The habit of obedience is opposed in this case to quick­ness of wit and alert attention.
This is an appropriate game where a May-queen has been chosen, or one, by chance of the ring or pea, has been made "Twelfth-Night Queen."
The Queen names or numbers each of the players— who sit in two rows, facing each other. Her Majesty
sits at one end, and when ready calls " It is time for------
to start." Whereupon the person named or designated by number rises. "Bring him to me" is the next order. The second one then starts and tries to catch the first, who runs between the rows of players, then around the company, and finally back to the Queen
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