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174 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
again passing between the rows. If caught, he stands behind the Queen's chair. If not, his pursuer takes that place, and two more are pitted against one another, until all have been caught. They then march around the vacant chairs until suddenly the Queen claps her hands and all rush for a seat. As one of the chairs should have been removed, as unobtrusively as possible, one player will find himself without a place, and must then submit to perform any penance which the Queen may choose to impose. A good forfeit for a boy who would take it good-naturedly might be the following: The culprit is banished from the room, and in his absence two chairs are placed with a vacant space between and all these are covered by a shawl or other large drapery. This constitutes the throne. The Queen seats herself in one draped chair, one whom she names as King occupies the other, and the courtiers range themselves about their Majesties.
The banished one is then recalled and is told that since his fault lay in not having wit enough to secure a seat, where others succeeded, he is to be allowed to seat him­self upon the royal throne between the King and Queen. As soon as he has done so, the King and Queen rise sud­denly, and the victim finds himself upon the floor.
The players sit in a row in chairs around the room, and the leader gives to each one the name of some part of a stage-coach, its harness or furnishings.
The leader then proceeds to tell or read a story, in which all the articles are mentioned, the names of which have been assigned to the players, whereupon each one bearing the name must, when it is called, rise, turn around and resume his seat. When the leader mentions
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