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the word stage-coach—which he does as casually as possible—all the players must rise, spin around and change their seats. In the scrimmage the leader tries to get a place for himself, whereupon the person left chairless must become the leader.
This is a modern adaptation of "Stage-Coach/*
The chairs may be placed in rows of two, to imitate a railway car—or in the old way around the room against the wall.
To each player is given one of the following names, and when, in the course of the story which is read or invented at the time, the names are mentioned, the players must act as the leader has instructed them.
Rails—Must rise and hold out the arms straight before him.
Engine—If a boy, must rise and whistle. If a girl, must run around the room once, saying "Choo-choo-choo."
Drawing-Room Car—Must rise and bow or courtesy politely.
Newsboy—Must walk around the circle, calling out the daily papers by name.
Conductor—Must rise and call out the name of some station.
Station—Must sit still and do nothing.
Buffers and Sleepers—Must shut their eyes.
Wheels—Must rise and turn around.
Candy Vender—Must walk around, calling out his wares in wheedling tones.
Window—Must not move, but look obstinate.
These duties may, of course, be added to according to the pleasure of the leader, but when he or she announces
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